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What We Study

Our scientists are pursuing a deeper understanding of the challenges facing theoretical physics by attaining a fundamental understanding of its intricacies. Making progress in combining quantum mechanics and gravity including cosmology and in understanding the phenomenology of particle physics requires a multi-pronged approach. We use insights gained from existing concepts such as holography and work to develop a deeper mathematical understanding including new tools in Field Theory and String Theory.


Our interdisciplinary team of scientists are studying a range of areas including field theory, supersymmetry, dark matter models, string theory, theoretical computer science, and more.

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Journal Club & Seminars

The Holography Journal Club meets weekly to discuss papers in holography and related topics. Its meetings are held on Fridays at noon in PMA 9.222. Geometry and Quantum Field String Theory seminars are also held most weeks in the long semesters.

Theory Group Alumni & Publications

Meet our vibrant community of Theory Group alumni who are changing the world through their work and research.